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Rei Ki II Class and Attunement


6/19/16 & 6/26/16




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Acupuncture (NCCAOM PDA's available soon)

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Welcome!  Are you ready to feel better?

For well over a decade we have been offering our health-care services throughout NYC and Long Island.  Whether one seeks physical, mental, emotional or spiritual helaing, we have something for everyone.


Individual Acupuncture-  The standard style of professional acupuncture the American public has become accustomed.  Other modalaties of treatment under the heading of "acupuncture" as electrical stimulation, moxibustion, cupping and gua sha are also available.

Community Style Acupuncture- This setting has been designed for the person with the busy schedule who needs to take a little time for themselves.   Relax in a small group environment and feel the aches and pains fade. Pricing is extremely affordable to allow you to visit as often as you need.

Rei Ki/Energy Healing- The original Usui method  of Rei Ki is offered. Rei ki has been used not only to reduce physical, mental and emotional stress but to also to make pregnancy more comfortable, help those with autism, and address the side affects of chemotherapy.

Bio-photon therapy- experience pure light to improve your health. We use various single-frequency colors of non-laser light to affect subtle aspects the body to promote relaxation and healing.

Classes- Rei Ki workshops, attunements and a veriety of other classes are offerred to help educate and assist the public on their personal journey through life.

These are just a few ailments we have treated and goals we have facilitated:



Pain: Headaches, Low back pain/Sciatica, fibromyalgia, thoracic outlet syndrome,etc.


Calming the mind for meditation
Turning breech baby (avoid C-section)


Mental clarity for meditation
Irritable Bowel Syndrome Poor Memory Increased recepitvity
Addiction- eating, smoking, etc Depression Increased sense of peace
Post surgical scar Addiction- eating, smoking, etc  

  We accept major medical insurances and personal injury insurances

        Want to save time?  Then fill out the paperwork at your convenience before entering the office. Patient Forms


Insurances Accepted

Major Med

-Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield (In-network provider)

-Cigna (In-network provider)

-American Specialties Health Network (Emblem Health, GHI, HIP)

-Personal Injury-Auto Injury


-United Health Care (Out-of-network provider)

-GHI (Will honor discount plan)


Other medical insurances considered.


-Medicare- does not cover acupuncture

(please consider Community Style Acupuncture in case of financial difficulties)



Curbside view of the office.

Entrance is at the back side of the building



250 West Main Street

Bay Shore, NY 11706


-Back side Hoffman Law Office

-Accross the street from Ford dealer parking lot

-By the mailbox


Phone: (631) 433-2184

for faster response please text



View of the entrance to the office



Aerial View of Entrance

Hours of Service

All services by appointment only


Monday: closed

Tuesday: 9:00 am- 9:00 pm

Wednesday: 2:00 pm- 9:00 pm

Thursday: closed

Friday: 2:00 pm- 9:00 pm

Saturday/Sunday: by appt only


Hours subject to change.




View from the office of Geese at Lawrence Lake



Latest Article Publication!!

"Asking the Insurance Rep the Right Questions"

Feb. 2016 Acupuncture Today


*Note: google gps users will be directed to St Patricks Church- about 3 blocks east of the office.


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