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Free (really) and interesting Links

Acupuncture Oriental Medicine Related Sites great site for practitioner and patient alikee

Acupuncture Today- free publication at just about every acupuncture school.  Has archives.

Acufinder- great site for practitioners and patients alike

Yin Yang House- another site for lots of basic info and news articles


Soka Gakkai International- buddhism for everyday life.  No monestary necessary.

Long Island Rei Ki connection- meet other Rei Ki people, check their events.

International Association of Rei Ki Professionals- international registry and much more.






"Energetic" Related Sites- Can be pretty "out there" includes free budhist books- if you don't mind delivery by ship. Free Downloadable books are available.

Falun Gong- like tai chi but with a twist. Now, Illegal in China due to its popularity. Could this be the link be the reason ths site is blocked in China?  Hmmmm.

Crystal Links- huge site for anything dealing with the subtle energies.  This site alone is a good resource.



Wayyy out there but sooo good.

In5D  Lots of interesting information about 5th dimension life, indigo people, and the quest within.

Childrend of the Sun- learn about the earth energy grid and tapping into it.

The Jeshua Teachings- channeled information.









Chinese & Irish Language


Dictionary- simplified and traditional

fsi-language-courses-   The gold star of all  free language sites.

Chinese Newspapers

Irish Culture and Customs-huge site with lessons

Omniglot- good introduction to Gaelic

Erin's web- lots of Gaelic  lessons


Prodject Gutenberg- volunteers scan classic texts and make them available to the public




Rails to Trails- an organization that converts old train tracks to bicycle/walking paths

Transportation Alternatives- advocacy for biking, walking and environmentally friendly transportation

Ghost Bikes- erie monuments to bicyclists killed by automobiles


Totalmotorcycle- see gas milage of motorcycles from riders. 40-50mpg pretty good.


Energetic Acupuncture is a simple method of integrating one's increasing "energetic awareness" into Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis and treatment.

The patient's degree of "qi awareness" or "sensativity is also integrated into diagnosis and treatment.  

The combination of practitioner and patient awarness  makes treatment truly individualized even when treatment protocols are used.

Energetic Acupuncture seamlessly integrates techniques and concepts of other energetic-based systems into TCM theory.  The practitioner gains an experiental understanding of structures and theory which reading alone can not provide.


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is the most commonly practiced style of acupuncture in the United States.  This style combines aspects of ancient Chinese medicine with western medicine into the effective system we have today.




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